Now Serving Curbside. Order online and we'll bring it right to your car. 

Now Serving Curbside. Order online and we'll bring it right to your car. 

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The Funkadelic is a South Austin restaurant and our life goal is to bring the funk to your brunch food! We focus on using ingredients from as many local farms and vendors as possible and everything is scratch made. Our menu is eclectic and allows for you to try all kinds of international comfort brunch cuisine.

Make your next meeting or gathering a delicious event! Easily order online through ezCater below. Need something extra special? We also create custom menus upon request. For a custom menu, email us the details of your event.
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Our dining room is available seven evenings a week and is the perfect space to host office parties, holiday gatherings, rehearsal name it! To learn more, reach out below.


what people are saying

A lot of the reviews here talk about limited seating, but that's just proof that this is a really good and popular spot! They really do their best to accommodate the long wait, and are super good at it for a local business. The food and service is worth the wait anyway. That being said, if you come during the weekdays in the morning (esp. Wednesdays) there's no line.

The service is great and really friendly, you can tell the owner loves what he does and strives for quality. An atmosphere like this reminds me why I need to eat/shop more local. The churro waffles are to kill for (that horchata cream! Take it from a mexicana, it's amazing) and their pancakes are so fluffy. Their aguas frescas are bottomless which is amazing because i can never get enough of their watermelon juice. Do yourself a favor and check this place out, I even made my first yelp account to review for it :)

Vanessa A.
Austin, TX

This is my new favorite brunch spot! This place is amazing and the service is wonderful. The food is fresh and melts in my mouth. I'll definitely visit again!

Rachel C.
San Francisco, CA

One of the things I really respect at restaurants, is when you think you're talking to a host, food runner or expediter, and it turns out to be an owner. It's a sign of gem, and (as indicated by other reviews) is the case of this place. We went here this past Sunday during the peak of brunch. If you go on a Sunday, expect a line. I brought out of town family based on the reviews. They were all starving, and I think they wondered what I was getting them into when we saw a line wrapped around the front of the building upon arrival. Be patient, they do a great job of juggling the cafeteria style ordering and our party of 5 got a table quickly. Everyone is incredibly friendly, and they are on top of their game. Most importantly, that food. It's so wonderful. Some highlights: The sausage, get it. The vanilla pancakes and churro waffles are stellar, (for waffles, if you have a big appetite you might want to order a side or two, it's a smaller dish.) I had the scramble hash which was perfect. All hungry family members were thrilled with the decision to brave the crowds and eat at Funkadelic on a Sunday. I hope this place has a ton of success. They are fabulous.

Rebecca B.
Austin, TX

I've been to this place a few times and will continue to come back. The atmosphere is great and the food is delicious! What really sets this place apart from others is the customer experience. The staff is so friendly and the owner makes sure to see how your experience was. We tried the Churro Waffles (with hortchata whipped cream) and also got the biscuits - YUM!

Cat G.
San Antonio, TX

I love this place and have ventured here twice in the last week. Everything I've tried is superb including:
Huevos Rancheros (served on a crispy tostada; the green salsa is spectacular), the Ramses nachos, and the pancakes. It is very crowded on the weekends so plan accordingly.

Funkadelic Review

Lovelys P.
Austin, TX

Great Brunch spot. Owner stopped at our table and checked on us. Friendly and attentive staff. I had Danish Ebelskivers. We will be back.

Scott K.
Austin, TX

Came here with a group of 20 and everyone raved about how amazing their food tasted. We are coming back tomorrow for sure. Pictured below, amazing churro waffles, with fried chicken and a side steak taco. And amazing pupusas with a side of fresh fruit.

Brumch At Funkadelic

Steven W.
Houston, TX

This place is wonderful! I think people are getting spoiled because the seating is equivalent to that of a favorite upscale diner - there isn't room to sit hundreds at once but they do a great job of keeping the pace going and you'll get a seat quickly.

My husband got the Churro Waffles and he said he's never had anything better. He LOVES breakfast foods so this is high praise. The kitchen specially made the danish pancakes for me with Nutella in the middle instead of the apples after I was talking about it with my hubby. THANK YOU TINY PANCAKE GODS. These were so delicious, filling and everything I want in pancakes. I don't think I am able to try anything else here after trying these two because I'll never give these up.

I think its important to note how wonderful the staff is as well. This is obviously a mom and pop operation and I think people need to be more supportive of people opening up their dream in our neighborhoods! :)

Haley H.
Austin, TX

Great food. The short line is worth it. Great staff that bust their tails! Agua Fresca took about 20 minutes to come out but when it did. #BOMB

Sal B.
McAllen, TX

Mmmmmm! Best brunch I've had in a while! Now you don't have to sacrifice taste and quality when dining with your kids! They have thought of everything. Kids plastic cups, high chairs, and even dinosaur toys! The churros waffles are amazing! Just the right amount of cinnamon and vanilla and the cinnamon cream... the pancakes are fluffy and delicious. The papusa has great flavor and definitely add the egg! They use fresh fruit and vegetables (love the beet and sprouts) and vital farm eggs! The "side" of biscuits come with yogurt fruit and granola and could be a meal on its own. Add to that friendly service and this place has gotten a repeat customer in us!

Amai r.
Austin, TX

I had really good soy chorizo, tofu scramble tacos with avocado. The corn tortillas seemed homemade. The tortilla chips were obviously made in-house. My boyfriend had the huevos tostada and hash with a watermelon fresca. Everything was great. His eggs were cooked perfectly. The service was super friendly and welcoming. We'll definitely be going back.

Laurie O.
Austin, TX

Loved this spot! Bright, friendly atmosphere, delicious bold coffee, and very friendly staff. Met the owner (who was serving and busing tables, by the way) and he was very engaged and interested in feedback.
Get. The. Churros Waffles. Wow. Light and fluffy (not greasy or dense) with cinnamon and a dash of salt for a sweet/savory combo. The horchata whipped cream is clearly made in house and is incredible. My gal ordered The Americano, and it was delicious, with the highlight actually being the hash browns! They were thinly grated, not greasy, and full of flavor.
This is going to be a go-to for non-boozy brunches for sure. Local food brought in daily, and the owner clearly cares. Support this business!

Kunkadelic Food    Funky

Rob Z.
Austin, TX

We had randomly heard about this new breakfast/brunch restaurant and thought we would give it a try and we were glad we did! The operation is great, you order at the front, get a number and grab a seat. We ordered the brisket Ruben and buttermilk vanilla pancakes! My girlfriend said they were one of the best pancakes she had ever had and the brisket Reuben was fantastic! The entire menu looked fantastic so it was difficult to choose what we wanted! This place is the real deal without all the overrated hype like some restaurants have.

Dizzy D.
Austin, TX

Food is fantastic! The service was phenomenal as well! I couldn't have had a better breakfast!


Benjamin S.
Wichita Falls, TX

This place opened just a few months ago and I go by it all the time. Decided to check it out today. The menu is really eclectic and everything we had was delicious. The menu items are from the Netherlands all the way to El Salvador. The owner was super friendly and you could tell he took great pride and care in serving his customers. I could see the watchful eye and attention to detail.

The place was packed and for good reason.

John B.
Austin, TX

Fun find this morning. Owner/manager was friendly engaged. Place was bustling but efficient and bright and cheery. "Pupusas"were really tasty - corn cakes with casa fresco, cilantro, shredded meat & beets etc. Lighter than it sounds. Event the basic Americano was great - tasty bacon, shredded latke potatoes a nice twist.

Kerry R.
Austin, TX

Love this place!!! FYI it is off the highway, kind of hidden. Totally worth it! The food is eclectic and amazing! The service is wonderful and personable! Highly recommend it!!!

Eden L.
North Burnet–Gateway, Austin, TX

As a former New Yorker I can attest that their Ruben is freakin amazing!! We got the Ruben and Pupusa, and they were fabulous! I've never heard of pupusa but it was recommended by the gentleman at the counter and it was delicious! So much flavor in both dishes! Very excited to have this new eatery in South Austin.

Lily K.
Austin, TX

We found this place on Yelp during our short trip to Austin. We went in based on reviews. This place is amazing! Staff was friendly and the food tasted so good. A lady even came up to me to ask what I ordered since it looked that good haha. Would definitely recommend this place!

Madam D.
Great Falls, MT

Incredible food! Just stopped here randomly on my lunch break, and so happy I found this gem! The portions are very generous and the pancake and potato latke I had were very flavourful. Coming back again for sure!

Melanie S.
Cedar Park, TX

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